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              Service hotline:


              Service System

              "To satisfy customer' requirements"is Jiangmen Toyo's service aim. Spending a lot of human and material resources, Jiangmen Toyo has a sales engineers group with high-quality, abundant experiences and sets up a multi-ways and multi-forms service system and network, so can offer comprehensive, prompt, high-grade service for customers nationwide and overseas. Also Jiangmen Toyo establishes E-business platform to establish business relationship and exchange information with customers all over the world.

              Enterprise Culture

              "Sincerity co-operation and growth together"is Jiangmen Toyo's enterprise spirit."Taking people as the base"and "Always blazing new trails"are Jiangmen Toyo's management policies. In every practice of management, Jiangmen Toyo cares to find and train talented employees, and sets up many policies and systems to ensure it. Jiangmen Toyo offers the arena for talented employees to give full play to their talents and to make careers for them. Also Jiangmen Toyo usually launches many kinds of trainings and activities thus to become an active, cooperative common practice.

              Service hotline:



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