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              Service hotline:


              Set Sail Towards Tomorrow


              ——Warmly Congratulations to the Successful Completion Ceremony
              of CHENGDU TOYO INK CO., LTD.
                  Lasted for one year long, the construction of CHENGDU TOYO INK CO., LTD. has been successful completed. On the morning of November 13, 2013, a grand completion ceremony was held. Leaders of TOYO INK SC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and Yang’an Industrial Park Administrative Committee attended the ceremony. President of TOYO INK SC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Sakuma Kurio, general manager of CHENGDU TOYO INK CO., LTD. Liang Jinqiu and secretary of Industrial Park Administrative Committee each delivered a speech. President Sakuma Kurio mentioned in his speech, CHENGDU TOYO INK will undertake the important mission to develop TOYO INK GROUP’s Southwest China market, which TIG will give support in all aspects. In the ceremony, CHENGDU TOYO INK also accepted the gifts presented by TIG. Guests visited the factory under the leadership of company leaders after the ceremony, everybody spoke highly of the construction quality of CHENGDU TOYO INK.
                  The first period of construction completion marks CHENGDU TOYO INK has entered a brand new stage of development. CHENGDU TOYO INK will adhere to the tenet of “technology-driven and quality of survival” to provide first-class products and service with first-class quality and image. We firmly believe CHENGDU TOYO INK’s tomorrow will be better!


              (Leaders are cutting the ribbon for CHENGDU TOYO INK ’s completion.)

              Service hotline:



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